Riverwalk Family Chiropractic is the Wenatchee Valley’s first choice for natural health, wellness, and chiropractic care.

Our clinic specializes in treating your family like they are part of our own. That’s why we patients of all ages. We are a chiropractor seniors as well as a pediatric chiropractor for infants. We specialize in long-lasting pain relief that can help you manage chronic conditions without the need for dangerous and costly drugs.

Get to know our clinic and find out a little bit more about what we have to offer.

History and Community

Riverwalk Family Chiropractic has been a part of the Wenatchee even before our doors first opened. Our head chiropractic specialist, Dr. Thomas Koch, was born and raised in the Wenatchee Valley. After completing his doctorate at Palmer College, Dr. Koch returned to the valley to use his healing skills and give back to the community that raised him.

Our family practice brings these values into each and every chiropractic session. We’re a part of this community and we treat each of our patients like they are our families and neighbors—because they are!

Here are just a few of the services you can look forward to at our practice.

Our Family Chiropractic Services

  • Chiropractic Care - Our chiropractic services are for the whole family. We have both pediatric chiropractor skills a chiropractor for adults. We can help bring misaligned joints back into their correct position. This can help with pain relief and ease the tension caused by chronic conditions. This is a perfect treatment for people of all ages who experience any joint or muscle discomfort.
  • Lifestyle Assistance - Healthy living often means leaving behind the bad habits we’ve formed over the years. Our friendly staff can help you shape better lifestyle choices and move into a healthier way of living.
  • Massage Therapy - If you are experiencing soreness or tightness in your muscles, our massage therapists can help you get the relief you need.
  • Nutritional Counseling - If you’re concerned about your nutritional intake, our specialists can help you identify any deficiencies and help put you on a path to better health.
  • Spinal and Posture Screenings - Let’s face it, in this day and age of computers and smartphones, our postures are more at risk than ever. Our Spinal and Posture screening can help you detect and correct any spinal problems you might have.

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